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The Kuranakh operation produces ilmenite concentrate with a 48% titanium dioxide (TiO ) content. Due to its brightness and high refractive index, titanium dioxide is the most commonly used white pigment. It is used in a range of applications, most notably paints and papers.

The Kuranakh product quality is held in high regard because of its consistency and low impurity levels.

Kuranakh ilmenite concentrate is perfectly suitable for production of titanium dioxide by sulphate method, sulphate titanium slag and aluminothermic ferrotitanium.

  • Stable content of concentrates across deposit
  • High degree sulfatization with sulfuric acid (>97% for grain size class of 95% -0.044mm)
  • Low content of Fe O , lower reductant unit consumption and load decrease at iron vitriol crystallization stage
  • Low content of chromophoric admixtures (Cr, V, Co, Ni, Cu); positively affects whiteness of pigment
  • Low content of radioactive components

Chemical Composition of Kuranakh Ilmenite Concentrate

Component Mass Fraction , %
TiO2 48.2 ± 0.7
FeO >35.0
Fe total 34.0-36.0
Fe2O3 <8.5
Cr2O3 <0.065
V2O5 <0.15
P2O5 <0.05
H2O <1.5


Kuranakh ilmenite concentrate is sold on the domestic and international markets in two tonne bags. This is a smaller volume than typically available, thereby providing a wider customer base. Also, the bagging system ensures no product losses during trans-loading, facilitates temporary storage in ports and railway stations, and the ability to transport in ordinary open-top railway wagons (no need for hoppers).

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